How to Make Any Decision

Nothing happens until you decide.Make a decision and watch your life move forward.png

My daughter, Aly, is  serving as Maid of Honor in one of her best friend's Wedding's.  



But, in this case, also a little frustrating, because sometimes the bride-to-be (God love her) struggles to make a decision.  

It's true, decisions can seem hard to make sometimes, especially when there are so many options for everything.  You don't want to make the wrong decision and you don't want to choose and miss out on the other options!!!  

What's a bride to do???

I'll tell you what....


Being in indecisive is awkwardly uncomfortable and a big waste of time.

Being decisive is freeing.

So, if you struggle with making decisions both big and small I've got a surefire way to help you make one!

The question to ask yourself is "How will you feel?"

When forced to choose between two different things write down how you think you would feel if you say "Yes" (if it's a yes or no decision)  or pick something (if it's a choice between two things.)

How will you feel if you say "No" or if you choose a different option?

Let me show you an example from the "Tales of the Bride to Be" concerning the decision she could face with choosing between a destination bachelorette party or a local bachelorette party.  She could ask herself.....

 "How will I feel if I have a destination bachelorette party?"

1.Exotic/important:  I matter, I deserve to have the bachelorette party of my dreams.

2. Greedy: It's a little expensive, especially since I'm having a destination wedding.

3.  Guilty: My wedding party is already paying to travel to the wedding and stay at a resort.

How will I feel if I have a local bachlorette party?

1.Happy:  I love my city.  We could do more because we wouldn't be paying for travel and expensive hotels.

2.Considerate: I am aware of how much my bridal party is already spending to go to my destination wedding.

3. Loved:  Everyone can come and everyone wants to come.

Get the idea?

Go with the decision that will cause you to feel how you want to feel. It will work most every time.   xoxo