Do We Have to Hate Monday?

Hello Monday.png

There isn’t much that annoys me, but, one thing that does is the consistent hating on “Monday”.   I avoid social media on Monday morning  because of  all the "I hate Monday" memes.   I avoid the local news because the anchors always seem to feed into the perceived Monday drama.  

The fact is:

The average human lives  27,375 days.

That’s it. 

Each human being (if they’re lucky) gets on average, 3,911 Mondays.

So, if you live your life hating Monday’s, just getting through Monday’s, you are sacrificing 1/7th of your one precious life!

Ridiculous,  right?

But that’s the weird habit that millions of people have fallen into.   

Now, I get it, I understand from the clients I see and from society as a whole that most people still don't love what they do.  I get it that most people hate their jobs and they haven't figured out what they love. or how to do what they love and make a living.   (If that's you,  read this for ideas for what to do if you don’t love your job.)

I get it, but, do you want to waste any more precious days of your life?  

Let’s make Monday the day the other days of the week envy.

Who’s with me?

Put Monday on a pedestal. 

Make Monday the day you always schedule a lunch date to reconnect with a friend or your mom or if you don’t love your current job you make Monday the day you schedule lunch with someone who has a job that you would love to learn about.

You could plan every Monday to do something special for someone in your life.  I’ve got some ideas for that here.

Make Monday something to look forward too.  

Make it something special, something to celebrate,  don’t throw Monday away. 

Think about what you could accomplish if you dedicated your Monday evenings to one particular part of your life .

Schedule a class to learn something you’ve always wanted to know how to do  or make Monday Movie night with your besties or the night you cook something new for your family (extra points if you get your family involved in the process)

You only get a few Monday’s in this lifetime, make them count.