Are You Living Your Truth?


“I want to lose weight more than anything,” said my client.

“More than anything?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said with determination. “More than anything. I’ll be happy then.”

Now because I’m known for my sassy (slightly irreverent) yet loving coaching style, I asked her, “You want to lose 20 lbs more than you want to travel to Paris, Istanbul, Beijing and all of the other places on your list?

You want to lose 20 lbs more than the feeling of being loved by the man of your dreams?”

You want to lose 20 lbs more than having a circle of close girlfriends to empower one another and lift each other up?“

(All things she said she had wanted.)

She looked at me like a deer in headlights.

I told her this:

“Losing weight doesn’t change your life. Changing your life changes your life.”

And now, I’m telling you.

The weight comes off when we start living the life we dream we will after the weight comes off. The weight comes off when we start living our truth.

There is nothing more beautiful, more attractive or more compelling than a woman who is happy and is fully living her truth, without it depending on her weight or size.

The truth is, you’re not unhappy because you weigh more than you want to. You’re unhappy because you want your life to change. Change it and watch the weight come off. Turn up the pleasure. Turn up the volume of what you love, and you will lose the weight.

If you want to know more, contact me and we can talk about my weight loss coaching program and whether or not you’d be a great candidate. We won’t talk about diets, boot camps or cleanses unless you love them. Promise.