The Rock in My Foot

So, I have this nagging issue.  Not a big issue, just something small, you see, about three months ago I noticed this really sore spot on the bottom of my foot.   I thought I just needed a pedicure (which I did)  but there is still this nagging black painful spot under the skin.  Something is obviously stuck in it (no surprise I go barefoot all of the time) but, I haven’t been able to get it out.   So every day, for the last three months, I have had an annoying pain when I run, walk, sometimes even sitting still. 

Now, I know you’re thinking “Robin, GO TO THE DOCTOR!” 

And yes, I need to do that but, it’s a low grade, back burner, I’ll get to it when I have the  time kind of thing.    But this morning, when I was really feeling it (the first few steps are the worst) it got me thinking, where else in my life am I allowing, ignoring or  dare I say tolerating something, that if I took the time to take care of it,  life would be even more amazing?

 And, of course dear ones, I started thinking of you, what are you tolerating?

What is your “Rock in my foot?”

Where in your life is there something that would make your life so much better if you took the time to deal with it?

Perhaps it’s a relationship that needs mending or ending (it’s been hanging on to long.)

A home maintenance issue (like a wall that needs patched and painted,)

Clothing that needs a button sewn on so you can wear it again.

A business situation that needs attention.

A phone call that needs to be made. (Aunt Stella may be crazy but she's still your aunt.)

Do you need to schedule a Doctor appointment? (if it’s a mammogram or other important screening please do it today!)

Let’s all commit to doing what it takes this week to make our lives better by taking care of something that’s been a low grade annoyance or something we’ve been putting off for far to long.

We are all blessed to live where we do, food on the table, clothes on our back, a roof over our heads and resources to do great things with our lives.  (If you don’t have these things please contact me and I will help you, that’s a guarantee.) 

We are all grateful for our lives but let’s not let good enough be good enough let’s make it awesome shall we?

Gotta run I gotta call the Doctor.  Xo

Love + Bravery



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